Pleading the Fish, by Bree Baker

The end of a favorite series is always bittersweet. Fortunately for fans of Bree Baker’s Seaside Cafe Mysteries, the conclusion to Everly Swan’s adventures is heartfelt and satisfying.

No matter how much she loves Detective Grady Hays, Everly Swan can’t help but fear the Swan family curse. And Grady, determined to put Everly’s mind and heart at ease, agrees to dig into town records and through every book in the Swan family’s library in order to disprove her belief that anyone who falls in love with a Swan woman is doomed to an early death. But their search gets sidelined when the town historian helping track down more information is found dead at the bottom of a well. With only weeks before the wedding, Everly launches herself into Grady’s investigation, hoping to not only find out who killed the historian but to discover what she may have learned about the curse before her death. But, if the killer gets their way, the small town of Charm will be planning a funeral instead of a wedding.

While I’m sad to see the final installment in this series, I really enjoyed the mystery and the way Bree Baker tied up all of the loose ends and plot threads.

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