The Search, by Nora Roberts

After diving into some serious nonfiction books, I was ready to simply get swept up in a well-told story. Nora Roberts is the perfect author to deliver just that.

Fiona is a survivor. After escaping from a killer and losing her fiance before seeing her would-be murderer locked up in a maximum-security prison, Fiona reclaimed her life by opening a dog training school. She then learns how to work with dogs on search and rescue missions, becoming one of the best on the small Pacific Northwest island where she lives. As the story begins, Fiona gains a new client in woodwork artist Simon and his new puppy, Jaws. Simon is grumpy and cantankerous and exactly what Fiona needs. An attraction blooms between the pair and grows into a passionate affair. The other thing growing chapter upon chapter is the threat from a copycat killer who seems to be working his way north in order to finish what his mentor started.

As I expected, a great story from a favorite author.

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