Night Moves, by Julie Mulhern

The Country Club Murders books are one of my favorite mystery series. That said, Night Moves is one of the best of the best. Why? For a few reasons.

First, these books are so readable. I can be exhausted and ready to sleep for a week, but I’ll always make time for a chapter (or six). I love how easily I can sink into the narrative and become a fly on the wall of each scene. Time slips away as I read, and suddenly it’s the wee small hours of the morning and I have a meeting at 8 am and, oh, well, maybe just one more chapter.

Second, the characters are quirky, yet fun and relatable. I aspire to be the cook Aggie is, I cringe whenever Frances enters a scene, and I groan at the mere mention of Celeste.

Third, the relationship between Anarchy and Ellison has come so far and evolved so much! They are a favorite fictional couple of mine for sure.

Fourth, you might think those plot ideas may be running thin for a series set around a Kansas City socialite who has a habit of finding dead bodies. After all, this is book 12. Well, you’d be wrong. Each mystery is unique and has fresh characteristics that always keep me guessing who the killer could be.

If you haven’t dipped into this wonderful mystery series yet, now is definitely the time!

6 thoughts on “Night Moves, by Julie Mulhern

  1. I also enjoy this series. I am always surprised when Julie Mulhern puts out another Country Club Murder book and they are always top notch. Great review, Jenna.


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