Atlas of the Heart, by Brene Brown

Subtitle: Mapping Meaningful Connection and the Language of Human Experience

As an empath, introvert, and highly sensitive person, I connected with Brene Brown‘s latest book on many levels. I’ve read all of her work, and I always admire the insights she offers through her research. In Atlas of the Heart, she tackles the layers upon layers of emotion we as humans experience.

I’m a communicator and writer by profession, and I always try to compose in a way that honors language and message. And, when I seek to connect with others, I do so carefully and with intention. I use language to build bonds, strengthen relationships, and as a form of expression of my innermost thoughts and feelings. For all of those reasons, I found myself deeply engrossed in the experience of reading this book. Learning how many emotions we are capable of, how to identify and describe them, and how that common language can be empowering.

Atlas of the Heart is a true modern textbook of human emotion and meaningful connection in relationships. It’s a book I already know I’ll be going back to more than once–not only to understand more about how I connect with others, but also to more deeply connect with myself.

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