SVU Surveillance, by Julie Anne Lindsey

I was serving on jury duty, and some intriguing fiction from Julie Anne Lindsey seemed like the perfect reading material for the long hours of waiting at the courthouse. Shortly after getting engaged, college student Gwen is beaten and raped. She served the assault, but everything in her life changed. Now, after several years of leading a strictly sheltered and solitary life, Gwen returns to her college town and seeks out Luke, her former fiance and current SVU Detective. While a flyer on her car windshield for their alma mater’s upcoming homecoming events may seem innocuous, Gwen (and soon Luke) fear it could be the beginning of a new nightmare. Unless, of course, it’s the same bad dream still unfolding.

SVU Surveillance is certainly more serious and slightly darker than the cozy mysteries I know and love by Julie Anne Lindsey, but I did enjoy the book. Strong storytelling, well-paced, with a good balance of character development, action, and romance.

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