Eyelet Witness, by Julie Anne Lindsey

After a bumpy patch in her life and the end of a very unhappy marriage, Bonnie Balfour is finally finding happiness and balance in Bliss. Her shop in the downtown district of her beloved hometown is thriving, and so is her relationship with Sherriff Mason Wright. As Eyelit Witness begins, Bonnie is sharing upcycled vintage dresses with new friend Louisa. As she tries on dresses, Louisa tells Bonnie about her messy breakup with her ex. But before she finished the story, a process serve presents Louisa with papers: her ex is suing for custody of her prize chicken, Thelma. What begins as a frustrating shock quickly escalates into a deadly plot, one that tender-hearted Bonnie just can’t walk away from.

Bonnie is the friend we all want on our sides when the going gets tough. She’s thoughtful and kind, fiercely loyal and protective. Readers get to know more of the town residents in each book, slowly settling in as neighbors and friends. Unfortunately, we also met Bonnie’s smarmy ex-husband. And, as much as I would have enjoyed a showdown between Grant and Mason, Julie Anne Lindsey writes the perfect scene.

I always know I’ll get a great read from this author, and I’m eager for Bonnie’s continuing story!

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