Slashing Through the Snow, by Jacqueline Frost

I was so happy to return to Mistletoe, Maine, in this third story from Jacqueline Frost. We readers through we’d read the last about Holly White and her family tree farm, Reindeer Games. But we were gifted more!

In this story, a troublesome and cross travel critic is staying at the Reindeer Games Inn. While Holley is doing her very best to please and appease the woman, frustration is simmering just under the surface. An off-handed overheard comment from Holly’s dear friend Cookie soon seems a premeditated threat when that same critic is found dead in a toy donation box. Holly knows that her boyfriend, Evan, the town Sherriff, is excellent at his job, yet she can’t stop herself from asking questions and trying to clear her friend’s name in time for Christmas. But trying to prove Cookie’s innocence may be the death of Holly.

Yet another page-turner from one of my favorite writers. I sure hope we’ll get even more stories with Holly, Evan, and the residents of Mistletoe!

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