One Plus One Equals Three, by Dave Trott

Are you a “why” person or a “how” person? Are you someone who proceeds passionately with purpose towards a cause or calling? Or are you perhaps a person who revels in the small details that are necessary to achieve a goal? We all have a little “why” and a little “how” inside of us, but, in most cases, one is stronger than the other. Regardless of which side is stronger in you, One Plus One Equals Three will supercharge your creative thinking and sharpen your skills.

The book is a collection of stories and anecdotes that illustrate key concepts in creative thinking. Things like “Forget what you haven’t done and focus on what you have done,” “Don’t tell me you’re a comedian, make me laugh,” and “Present your idea on toothpicks.” My copy of the book has a multitude of colorful flags marking the pages of particularly meaningful or thought-provoking examples that I want to be sure to remember and revisit. A definite keeper for my creative and professional selves!

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