A Call for Kelp, by Bree Baker

The small town of Charm, North Carolina is abuzz with excitement because a movie star is among them. Fans and followers of Mitzi Calgon are all drawn to the coast because of her involvement in an upcoming documentary film about the American honey bee. Tea shop owner Everly Swan is equally star-struck, but for a somewhat different reason: Mitzi knew her grandmother and Everly is excited to hear stories and reminisce about the woman who raised her. Plans are made for an evening of conversation and midnight pancakes minutes before a celebratory luncheon for Mitzi. But when Everly sees Mitzi next, she is crumpled inside a gigantic display box as hundreds of honeybees swarm around her. As horrified as Everly and the others are, it’s also heartbreaking for her. When her best friend’s father rises to the top of the suspect list, Everly is drawn in once again, beginning her fourth murder investigation in A Call for Kelp.

I am drawn to this series like bees to honey. The setting, the characters, the stories; all of it! Bree Baker is truly the bee’s knees and this series shines link the inside of the proverbial pot of gold.

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