Ready Player Two, by Ernest Cline

Log back into The Oasis for a second breathtaking adventure. After winning James Halliday’s epic contest (see Ready Player One), Wade and his three best friends are fabulously wealthy, famous, and powerful. But instead of happily ever after, a new threat arises. Wade discovers a game-changer: the ONI headset; a device that allows users to literally plug their brains into The Oasis. (Uhm, no thank you.) The revolutionary technology has the power to give users every imaginable experience life can offer . . . something that becomes more than controversial between the friends; it becomes a breaking point. Fractured apart, a shocking new quest brings old enemies back into play and the four friends must reunite to save the world–and themselves.

I love the geek factor that Ernest Cline infuses into every scene and chapter. This book is enormously entertaining and an outstanding follow-up to its incredible predecessor, Ready Player One.

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