The Rise of Magicks, by Nora Roberts

And so it all comes down to this. In the preceding books, we readers have suffered through the Doom, watched the pain and panic spread, cowered with survivors who desperately tried to avoid the chaotic violence of those who reveled in fear and terror. We then began to heal, cobbling together the precious threads of hope as The One made her choice and accepted the seemingly impossible quest ahead. And now we return to see how it will all end. The good news is that The Rise of Magicks does not disappoint!

I enjoyed the book, seeing how all of the plot lines resolved. I was not a fan of the chapters detailing battles or battle plans–those sorts of scenes have always been difficult for me to visualize, regardless of the talents of the writer. There were losses, of course, that brought tears to my eyes and twists that both left me surprised and, at times, frustrated. This final book of the trilogy was packed with action right up to the final pages, which brought a satisfying conclusion to an exciting series.

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