Of Blood and Bone, by Nora Roberts

When it comes to trilogies, the second books are often susceptible to “middle child syndrome.” They try so hard to live up to the example of their predecessor but frequently fall a bit (at least) short. Of Blood and Bone, happily, doesn’t fall far from the example set by the first book in the series–and does a nice job of setting the stage for the final book to come.

Having survived the Doom, those left standing hear stories of The One–a magickal human who is destined to save the world from darkness. Of Blood and Bone picks up the story 13 years after Year One concludes and is mostly about The One–Fallon Swift. Fallon is sent away from her home for two years in order to train with Mallick, a centuries-old sorcerer. Mallick’s job is to mold the 13-year-old, homesick girl into a formidable warrior capable of leading the battle for the future of the world. I missed the connections with many of the characters introduced in the first book, but, given the role Fallon is to play in the plot, it makes sense to spend the bulk of this book with her. And the characters from Year One do make short appearances in this story, as well.

Overall, I liked Of Blood and Bone much more than most second-in-a-trilogy books. It carries on the story, expands the plot, and prepares the reader for the finale to come.

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