The Introvert's Way, by Sophia Dembling

Reading this book has left me feeling seen, heard, validated, and empowered.

For nearly my entire life, someone somewhere has told me to speak up, asked why I’m so quiet, said wanting to (and enjoying!) staying home and reading instead of going out is weird or dull, or wondered when I’m going to come out of my shell. As I read The Introvert’s Way, I found myself nodding in agreement, overwhelmed by the feeling that there is someone out there who gets it–gets me. I’ve learned more about myself and picked up great ideas to help others understand–or at least help myself cope when they don’t.

If you are in introvert–or have one in your life–this is required reading. I’m going to be purchasing a copy of my own asap!

One thought on “The Introvert's Way, by Sophia Dembling

  1. LOTS of people have commented that I don’t talk much and then when I do, they get mad at me and tell me I’m wrong!


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