I Know You, by Erik Therme

The Walker family hasn’t had an easy go of life, but that doesn’t mean eldest sibling Bree Walker doesn’t do her best to look out for her brother and sister–and the whole family, really. After a heated discussion with her little sister, Bree isn’t surprised when Alissa takes off for a few days. What does surprise her, though, is when Alissa’s backpack returns but Alissa doesn’t. A strange text message from an unknown number and a startling photograph in the bottom of the backpack kick off an adrenaline-filled few hours for Bree as she puts everything on the line to save her sister–and her family.

I KNOW YOU is a fast-paced read, mostly because author Erik Therme sprinkles clues like breadcrumbs and keeps you hungry for what happens in the next chapter. The tangled web of family drama, secrets, and lies pulled me in deeper page by page. A well-crafted suspense story!

My thanks to the author, who gifted me a copy of the book in exchange for my honest thoughts and review.

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