Organized for Homicide by Ritter Ames

Organized for Homicide by Ritter AmesI’ll be honest: any book that includes regular tips, tricks, and ideas about event planning and/or organizing is automatically going to be a winner in my eyes. No matter what else is happening in the story or with the characters, I’ll seek out and store all of those nuggets of golden information. Luckily for me, Organized for Homicide has wonderful tips and tricks, warm and memorable characters, and great storytelling! I’m a blessed book gal for sure.

Organized for Homicide is the second cozy in Ritter Ames’ organized mysteries series. Set in small town Vermont, former hockey wife turned small business owner Kate McKenzie is raising twin daughters and a growing client base. She and business partner Meg Berman are organizing a very large cross-country move. To complicate the move further, three siblings are facing separation due to a divorce. And then Kate and Meg witness a murder. There’s bad blood, not-quite-over-it exes, and plenty of motive and suspicion to go around. Leave it to a killer hell-bent on retribution to toss a massive monkey wrench into the whole mix.

I had a blast sleuthing with Kate and Meg once again – and I even got to go to a book sale at the local library with them! Kate has been a favorite of mine since the first book, but I’m loving Meg more and more, too. (I hope she can forgive me for suspecting her of murder in Organized for Murder. Pretty please, Meg?) Also, I need to take a moment to brag here: I totally sniffed out the killer! Not long before said killer attempted to strike again, so I wasn’t that great of a siren, but, still! It’s a rare occurrence, my friends. Very rare.

hiresOne of my favorite parts of reading the work of Ritter Ames is how completely she draws her readers into the story and the scenes she crafts. It’s always a delight and I can’t wait for the next adventure.

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