Reading in Progress

I’m feeling a little blue today. The blog where I first started writing book reviews is shutting down as of this week. I began my reviews as a community blog on the Patch site in Greenfield in 2011. I’ve always been a reader, but before blogging on Patch, I would just rattle on about books with friends and family members. The Patch blog gave my book voice a larger audience and I really enjoyed it.

More than that, starting there really gave me the nerve to answer a call for Associate Reviewers at On a Book Bender and, later, to start Girl With Book Lungs. So it’s sad to see the Patch sites go away.

That noted, the show, as they say, must go on. Since I don’t have a fresh review for you just yet, I thought I’d do an update on what I’m in the middle of.

  • I’m about three-quarters of the way through A Discovery of Witches. I’ve read the book twice already, but this time I’m doing a real-time read along, which puts the story in a different perspective. I’m reading as the action unfolds and turning in with the characters at the end of each night. It’s been challenging my patience, though! I so love this story, that I find myself wanting to push ahead and keep reading. So far, I’ve been faithful to the reading schedule and have even asked Deborah Harkness if we can do a read-time read-a-long for Shadow of Night next! (Don’t you love being able to communicate with your favorite authors via social media?)
  • I’m also reading If Books Could Kill, the second in Kate Carlisle‘s Bibliophile Mystery Series. I have to tell you, I’m really, really enjoying this series. I hadn’t read any of her work before and she has quickly become a favorite. Like Julie Hyzy‘s Manor House Mysteries, I know I’m going to devour this whole series quickly!
  • Finally, I just started an ARC sent to me by Margaret FoxePrince of Hearts. Being only about seven pages in, I can’t say much . . . except I’m continuing to read!

What are you all reading now?

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