Surprisingly enough, it’s been hard to get started today! I set an alarm but, as soon as it went off, the allure of turning it off and going back to sleep (for just a little while longer) was too strong to resist. (After all, I do have the day off of work and who wants to wake up to an alarm on a day off of work?!)

Then I had to have breakfast, put away the dishes that I had washed last night so that I could find the coffee pot and start the coffee brewing. There was a load of laundry to put in and a shower to be had. Now, finally, I’m just about ready. My 8 a.m. starting goal has turned into 10 a.m.

But, you know what? That’s okay. Because today isn’t about pressure or guidelines or rules. It’s about taking time to turn off the TV, finding a comfortable spot, and reading. I’ll be starting with a chapter of A Discovery of Witches and then back to the cozy mystery, Homicide in Hardcover.

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