Update @ 1.5 Hours In

Whoa. The third cup of coffee may have been just a little too much. In my defense, they were little cups . . . regardless, I feel the caffeine coursing through me and it doesn’t feel conducive to continued reading.

I will persevere!

I finished the “assigned” reading for A Discovery of Witches. I do so love that book. This is my third time reading it and, I have to say, it’s challenging to keep pace with the real-time read-along pace. I kind of want to continue reading, especially since the next chapter isn’t “assigned” until the 30th.

But, I set it aside and have continued with Kate Carlisle’s Homicide in Hardcover. It’s the first in her Bibliophile mystery series and, I have

to say, I’m really enjoying it. Her writing style and tone are great and the character of Brooklyn makes me laugh. I’m nearly done, but I probably won’t post a review today – but I will do one later.

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