The Seed Keeper, by Diane Wilson

Days after finishing The Seed Keeper, I am still wrapped in the words and world Diane Wilson created. Set in southern Minnesota, this beautiful story bridges the worlds of Native and White, along with the voices from the far and recent past.

As a young girl, Rosalie lives with her father. But when he dies suddenly, she enters foster care. As the years go by, Rosalie loses the already fragile connection she has to her Native roots and culture. When she turns 18, Rosalie decides she will save every cent and leave her foster home. She does, but not in the way she or anyone else expected.

As a young wife and mother, Rosalie reawakens to the voices of her ancestors through gardening. She teaches her son as he grows, gifting him with a seed of his own–one Rosalie hopes will ground him to his history, even as the future looks to uproot everything.

The book description calls this book haunting. And it is–in all of the best ways and for all of the best reasons.

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