Playing with Myself, by Randy Rainbow

The day I did not meet Randy Rainbow in person, I was antique shopping in Manitowoc with my mom. Randy was in town for Pride Fest, but the appearance conflicted with the annual art, crafts, and garden fair Mom and I really enjoy. Thankfully, my friend and a former coworker went to the festival. She stood in line and waited for Randy after his performance. When it was her turn to chat with him, she dialed my number and handed him the phone.

“Jenna?” I heard. “Where the HELL are you?!”

I nearly screamed in the store! I tried my best to explain that I simply had to bring mom antique shopping. Being close to his own mother (who makes a cameo appearance in the Audible version of Playing with Myself), I’m sure (I hope!) Randy understood. That brief phone call remains one of my very favorite memories.

Playing with Myself, Randy Rainbow’s first memoir is delightful. He shares about his life thus far–growing up in South Florida, falling in love with the theater, the rough years breaking into the business, and how the stars finally aligned to catapult him to fame. Through it all, Randy remains cheerful, positive, self-effacing, and approachable. The book had me in stitches with laughter and wiping away tears–especially when he recounts saying goodbye to his beloved cat.

I was already a huge fan, but this book solidified my admiration and adoration.


4 thoughts on “Playing with Myself, by Randy Rainbow

  1. I had not heard of Randy Rainbow, until one of the blogs I followed used to post his videos during covid and the election. I can imagine his book would be wonderful and if he narrated the audiobook, I am in. What a wonderful memory of speaking to him on the phone, Jenna.

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