Fields’ Guide to Smuggling, by Julie Mulhern

Julie Mulhern is my go-to author after I’ve finished another book that I have really enjoyed. Why? Because you die-hard book lovers will know that, once you’ve finished an amazing book, everything else seems to pale in comparison. The danger of slipping into a reading slump is very real! But, when I open a book by Julie Mulhern, I have absolute certainty that I’m in for another great reading experience. She is the master of compelling, comedic, can’t-put-down fiction.

Fields’ Guide to Smuggling is the seventh book in the Poppy Fields Adventure series. Each book is full of action and intrigue in the far corners of the world–and that touch of glamour, too! Poppy and Mark are on their way to a Grecian island for some much-needed downtime with only one another for company (well, and Consuela, of course). They just need to make one quick stop to pick up a package for Poppy’s new stepfather. This is, of course, where all the trouble begins. (Russian oligarchs, what can you do?) Sun and sand quickly turn into storms and suspicions with deadly serious consequences.

Poppy’s adventures are always some of my favorite stories. They are fun and fast-paced reads that never fail to leave me wanting more. (Also: what on Earth is in that box?!)

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