Flower Flash, by Lewis Miller

Flowers are a favorite of mine. I could look at pictures of arrangements, or step into a florist’s shop to smell the blooms every day if possible! The art museum here in Milwaukee does an annual show with local florists. The participants select a painting or piece of art and then create a floral arrangement inspired by it. It’s dreamy to walk through the museum during this event–fragrant, alive, and atmospheric.

Flower Flash reminds me of this event. Instead of pieces of art, Lewis Miller is inspired by the vibrancy of life and the city all around him. How enchanting would it be to stumble on a fresh botanical display sprouting from a trash can or entwined around the railing leading to your subway stop?

This book is a delightful tour of New York city accented with fantastic “flash mob” flower arrangements that I would love to see first-hand someday.

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