Killer Queen, by Julie Mulhern

Ellison, Anarchy, and the rest of the characters in the Country Club mystery series feel like old friends whose visits are always welcome. The eleventh title in the series set in mid-1970s Kansas City opens with Ellison finding a dead body in her study. Just hours before she and Detective Anarchy Jones are set to leave for a trip to Italy, this woman, who introduced herself as Mrs. Anarchy Jones, breathes her last breath and leaves a hell of a mystery in her wake. With Italy now off the menu, Ellison and Anarchy focus instead on figuring out the identity of the dead woman, dodge disapproving mothers, and settle for a trip to Chicago–with momentous implications for the future of their relationship.

With each new release, I deepen my appreciation for the author and the series. And I keep hope alive for many more tales featuring Ellison and Anarchy!

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