Burden of Poof, by Julie Anne Lindsey

This new story from Julie Anne Lindsey is the start of a new cozy series set in Bliss, GA. Bonnie Balfour has just opened an upscale second-hand boutique, Bless Your Heart. The shop is new to the small town’s downtown, and business is a little slow to start. They say all PR is good PR, but being the prime (and only) suspect in the murder of a local debutante isn’t exactly the type of attention Bonnie was hoping for!

Bonnie is a southern spitfire with loads of personality and heart. Her sidekick–a once stray black cat named Clyde–is an adorable addition to the canvas. I love how Bonnie matches up with the detective on loan to Bliss, too. She wastes no time in jumping into the investigation that Detective Wright is pointing in her direction, making sure he knows she will unmask the killer if he won’t.

Burden of Poof is fun and fast-paced; an excellent opening for a new series from a beloved author.

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