Leave Only Footprints: My Acadia-to-Zion Journey Through Every National Park, by Conor Knighton

I felt foolish, but I did it anyway: a little dance of happiness in the aisle at my local library. I quickly snatched the book from the shelf. I had been wanting to read Leave Only Footprints for so long! I was (and still am) thrilled by the thought of a year-long journey to visit 50 national parks. My eager anticipation was well rewarded; this might be my favorite book of the year. (At least so far!)

Along with vibrant and vivid descriptions of what he sees, hears, smells, and feels in each park, author Conor Knighton shares anecdotes and personal experiences that form a connective line of context and continuity. Not to mention brief fascinating stories, like the one about Grizzly Man in Alaska. I was so intrigued that I went in search of more information, and watched a bizarre and intriguing documentary about the man who was mauled and devoured by a grizzly bear.

I found myself forcing my reading to slow down and savor every chapter. This is absolutely one book I will be adding to my personal library to enjoy again.

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