The Midnight Library, by Matt Haig

I have started and stopped writing this review at least a dozen times, and I am still struggling with what I want to write. I was so eager to read this book–a woman on the edge of living or dying, a mysterious library filled with possible lives and choices sounded enthralling. I made sure I was in comfy clothes and settled into a favorite reading spot and dove in. I reveled and indulged…until I got a little more than halfway through. The journey started to wear thin; I grew tired of exploring the possibilities of Nora’s choices. I found that I simply didn’t care. I was ambivalent about and uninterested in whatever choice Nora would ultimately make.

I’m not at all sure what changed so significantly for me as I read. The concept is still tantalizing and captivates my imagination. Perhaps it was Nora herself–she seemed to find the negative in any and every opportunity. I grew frustrated and annoyed. No matter what new choice she made, I knew she would douse all positive possibilities.

Overall, I was disappointed. My eagerness and excitement quickly faded and, while I forced myself to finish the book, it was without satisfaction or enjoyment.

One thought on “The Midnight Library, by Matt Haig

  1. I was going to read that book also. This book and The Last Green Valley became available at the same time but I chose The Last Green Valley instead….now I am glad I did  Thanks 


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