Dear Committee Members, by Julie Schumacher

I am always on the lookout for epistolary novels! They are my absolute favorite. Unfortunately, I don’t recall who it was that recommended Dear Committee Members to me, but I am more than happy to recommend it to all of you!

The letters that make up the text of this book are all written by a professor of creative writing and literature at a small Midwestern college. His students, advisees, and colleagues constantly seek his help with letters of recommendation, emails of support, and other assistance that require written intervention, to the point that such requests are beginning to take up all of this time. As the academic year rolls on, Professor Fitger continues to comply with the barrage of requests–as well as continuing to intercede on behalf of a student advised whom he believes to hold extraordinary potential. Even as the missive gradually grow more incredulous and passive-aggressive, they never fail to be sharply witty and funny. (Sorry to laugh at your expense, Professor!)

A smart, fun, quick read.

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