No Good Tea Goes Unpunished, by Bree Baker

Weddings are meant to be days filled with moments of joy and happiness and hope. But, for one bride in Charm, North Carolina, her wedding day was a day of both tremendous joy and unspeakable sorrow. Tea maker and cafe owner, Everly Swan, has turned her shop, Sun, Sand, and Tea, into the beachfront location of her friend Judy’s wedding. But, as the sun sets, the wedding photographer tries to gather everyone for a sunset picture, but the groom is nowhere to be found. That is until Everly spots his body in the surf. As Everly pulls him from the water and tries to save his life, she discovers that he isn’t drowning–but was stabbed and is already gone. When Judy runs up, holding a bloody knife, the mystery of finding the killer begins.

No Good Tea Goes Unpunished is the second book in this fun and charming cozy mystery series. Set only a few months after the first, Everly knows that the town detective, Grady Hays, is not going to be happy with her “helping” to find the wedding day killer. But, with all evidence pointing to her childhood friend, whom Everly knows couldn’t possibly be the culprit, there is no way she can stop herself from investigating.

I really enjoy this series. Author Bree Baker fills the fictional town with vivid scenes of small town life, relatable and enjoyable characters, an intriguing plot, and the growing relationship between Everly and Grady. The perfect escape from the worries of everyday life in 2020!

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