Who’s Inside That Hat?, by Kameel Vohra

When Anika spots a moving truck pull in next door, she’s excited about the idea of a new neighbor! But then she starts getting glimpses of just who may be moving in: a pointy, black hat; a nose with a wart on it; a black cat! Anika’s mind jumps into overdrive as she follows the new neighbor to the market. Surely she’s a witch! And she’s buying ingredients to cook up neighborhood children! When Anika is accidentally discovered, she learns just how wrong the stories she was making up inside of her mind were.

Ah, assumptions. As much as we hate to admit it, we all make them–probably more frequently than we’d like to think! The beauty of this sweet children’s story is that it allows parents and caregivers to start talking about and teaching their littles about assumptions from an early age. And, given the number of adults who still struggle with the dangerous A-word, those conversations can’t start early enough!

A wonderful children’s book illustrated with bright colors, engaging activities, and questions for more conversation.

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