The Cult of Trump, by Steven Hassan

This was an absolutely fascinating read. The author is an expert on cults–and a former cult member. He takes readers through the distinctive traits, tactics, and characteristics of cults and cult leaders, while also making the connection to Donald Trump, the Trump campaign, the Trump family, and the Trump presidency.

Many of the observations and conclusions that author Steven Hassan point out in The Cult of Trump seem obvious. Think for a moment about the times you have heard Trump speak–how many times has he labeled something “fake news”? How many times are trite chants a part of his rallies (“Build the Wall,” “Lock Her Up”)? How often does he create an “us vs. them” mentality among his followers and supporters? All of these are telltale tactics of well-known cult leaders and those practicing techniques of mind control.

This book is a fascinating and frightening look at an outrageously persuasive–and very dangerous–man.

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