Fields’ Guide to Assassins, by Julie Mulhern

Julie Mulhern is one of my favorite authors. Whenever I need something to read that I automatically know I am going to like, I think of her. From her witty and wonderful Country Club Murders series to her sultry paranormal stories, if her name is on it, I know it’ll become a favorite.

Fields’ Guide to Assassins is the second in the Poppy Fields Adventures series. After surviving capture by a Mexican drug lord (see Fields’ Guide to Abduction) Poppy jets off to Paris. New to the job of undercover agent, Poppy sets out to make contact with a man suspected of money laundering for the drug cartel. No sooner does she make an introduction, than the threats to her life begin. Soon enough those threats are serious enough to warrant a Hemsworth-brother-look-a-like bodyguard–not to mention utter disdain from her mother!

The pages of every Poppy Fields Adventure story are filled with humor, wit, and tons of action. Can’t wait to see what Poppy gets up to next!

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