Hollow Stars, by Lauryn Dyan

I find myself somewhat surprised at my enjoyment of this book. The writing is good; nothing that shook my sensibilities or left me sitting in wonder. The plot is intriguing: the lead singer of an emerging rock band finds herself in an institution attempting to piece together the events of her recent past that lead to her current confinement. I think the true magic of my enjoyment is the result of the plot construction. Author Lauryn Dyan tells Kennedy’s story in segments that alternate between past and present, resulting in some moments of frustration (I just wanted to know what was going on!) as well as a strong pull to keep turning the pages and get to the bottom of the mystery.

Kennedy is the lead singer of Hollow Stars, a new rock band on tour with two other groups. The musicians are no strangers to the party scene, drinking and taking drugs daily. At first, the blackouts that Kennedy experiences are welcome episodes; proof of her rock star status and evidence of her life on the edge. But when they continue even as she tapers off her drinking and drug use, Kennedy begins to suspect the person closest to her of sabotaging her mind. Now hospitalized, Kennedy attempts to uncover the secrets hidden in her memory so she can determine if someone is truly playing with her mind–or if, as she begins to suspect–her mind is actually playing her.

The story builds in suspense with every chapter and that suspense drives the pace of reading. I felt Kennedy’s frustration at not knowing what was going on and just wanting answers. The final twist was somewhat unexpected and surprising; all in all, a satisfying read.

Note: I received a free copy of Hollow Stars in exchange for my honest thoughts and opinions.

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