The Man She Married, by Cathy Lamb

I have read many of Cathy Lamb‘s books and am always charmed by her original and quirky voice. The Man She Married felt slightly more serious than her other titles, and I was thoroughly caught up in the story.

On the morning that Natalie Shelton finds out about the huge secret her husband, Zack, has been keeping from her, she is in a devastating car accident. Trapped in a coma where she can hear everything happening around her but is unable to react, respond, or communicate, Natalie is simultaneously determined and terrified. I have to say that this portion of the book was haunting; just the thought of being trapped inside one’s own body without control or knowing if you would emerge is deeply troubling. And the story gets even more unsettling–once Natalie does wake up, she faces an uphill climb to recover. She can’t remember the details of the accident, but she is beginning to think that it wasn’t an accident at all.

The Man She Married is a story of strength and courage and determination and, ultimately, unconditional love. One of my favorites from a much-admired author.

2 thoughts on “The Man She Married, by Cathy Lamb

  1. I LOVE your reviews!!! Wish I spent more time reading. I barely make it through my book club selections. Ugh. But I read a lot of papers, which only served to give me anxiety so yeah, all is right with the world.

    How the heck are you? Hope all is well – miss your face!!

    Happy Thanksgiving and lots of love, Pam

    Pam Ferderbar, author, photographer, blogger Read Pam’s Blog (some images contain nudity)



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