Apple Cider Slaying, by Julie Anne Lindsey

If you’re new to author Julie Anne Lindsey, Apple Cider Slaying is a great way to make your introduction. Winnie and her grandmother own and operate an apple orchard in Blossom Valley, West Virginia. The business has been in the family for years and Winnie has her sights on a new angle to grow and expand. But her plans may wither on the branch when she finds her not-so-nice neighbor dead in the press house–while giving the bank officer a tour of the property no less! I admit this mystery had me stumped right up until the culprit was revealed. But I had a good time trying to put all the pieces into place–even with two rambunctious little kittens hopping around through the pages!

Julie Anne Lindsey is one of my favorite cozy mystery authors. She crafts wonderfully inviting scenes and settings and her characters are well-rounded and personable. The little details about the everyday lives of her characters really make all of her books shine. Don’t miss out on a great new series!

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