Cat Got Your Crown, by Julie Chase

How can you not like a book about a shop owner who caters to pets and pet owners? The descriptions of the costumes and outfits are squeal-worthy and even the baked goods intended for cats and dogs sound tempting. All part and parcel of the genius of Julie Chase‘s writing.

I’m a big fan of the author’s and this series is a favorite. Set in New Orleans, Lacy Marie Crocker is practically city royalty. She owns Furry Godmother, a pet boutique and (dare I type it?) barkery. (Get it? Like a bakery, but for pets? Ha!) The business has only been open for one year, but it is booming, and Lacy is helping with the national pet pageant in town. Trouble is, Lacy seems to be a magnet for danger and dead bodies. Much to the chagrin of handsome homicide detective Jack Oliver, who would rather she keep herself behind the boutique’s counter than out and about trying to catch a killer.

Honestly, there really isn’t another word for this series except charming. Well, maybe fun. And flirty. Clever. Okay, looks like I’m finding lots of words! All in all, I can’t get enough and am on pins and needles until another mystery needs solving in NOLA’s Garden District. I hope it’s soon!

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