Le Reméde, by Densie Webb

Vincent Dubois may be over two hundred years old, but the pain he feels about the loss of his wife and son is as fresh and sharp as the day it happened. As a Kindred (think vampire), he could easily let his existence be ruled by rage and hatred. Instead, he taught himself how to survive with the least amount of brutality as possible for a man who needs human blood in order to live. There have been times when Vincent has felt the strain of that commitment more than others, but nothing has challenged him more than meeting Andie Rogé.

Andie is very much a modern woman in New York City, living with her best friend and tightly crossing her fingers and toes that the job interview she just finished means a new job. Her meeting with Vincent is pure chance, but one that neither of them can understand or ignore. In very short order, Andie’s life becomes inextricably intertwined with Vincent and Vincent faces an impossible choice.

I’ve read a number of other paranormal romance stories and I always feel a strong similarity between the stories. I can never truly suspend my disbelief for this genre, but I still appreciate the creativity and imagination that goes into them. The story in Le Reméde is somewhat predictable, but there are elements of the plot that I didn’t see coming. One of the more striking characteristics is the palpable grief that i felt while reading Vincent.

Fans of paranormal romance definitely won’t want to miss Densie Webb’s Le Reméde. 3.5 stars.

My thanks to the author for generously providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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