Masked to Death by Christina Freeburn


Setting: Aboard the cruise ship, Serenade, for the wedding of Bob and Garrison


  • Faith Hunter, plucky, whip-sharp narrator; co-manager of a scrapbooking shop in Eden, West Virginia.
  • Ted Roget, police detective and Faith’s boyfriend. Accompanied by ex-wife, Elizabeth, and daughter, Claire.
  • Odessa Roget – formidable mother of Ted and Bob
  • Ronnie – on-ship performer, friend of Garrison
  • William – gold-digging gigolo, brother of Ronnie
  • John Roget – Odessa’s ex-husband, FBI consultant, estranged father of Bob and Ted

Plot: Faith and the Roget clan are off on a cruise to celebrate the wedding of Bob and Garrison. Faith hopes this will be an opportunity to spend some romantic time with Ted, as well as make inroads with his 11-year-old daughter, Claire. Once on board, Ted’s estranged father, John, pulls Faith into an investigation looking for a jewel thief who is stealing valuable pieces of jewelry from passengers on board and replacing them with high-quality fakes. John is convinced Odessa is involved. Faith agrees to help in order to ensure John doesn’t wrongfully implicate Odessa. Before you can say bon voyage, things start going wrong. The wedding plans fall apart, Faith is excluded from group activities as Claire actively attempts to reunite her parents, and the body county on board rises. Faith is rapidly entangled in family drama, multiple investigations, and serious concerns about her place in Ted’s life. She’s up against the clock to unmask a thief and a killer before the ship reaches its final port.

Pacing: Steady

Predictability: Low. Masked to Death is full of interesting plot turns. I called a few points with Claire and her horrible attitude, but was way off track regarding the culprit!

Wild Card: Wow, I disliked Claire. What a brat! I give Faith mad props for not losing her cool. The whole story is my favorite of the series so far.

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masked-for-deathMasked to Death (A Faith Hunter Scrap This Mystery)
5th in Series
Cozy Mystery
Henery Press (January 24, 2017)
Paperback: 238 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1635111378

A Caribbean cruise is the perfect setting for a Roget wedding, and Faith meeting Ted’s family. She also hopes the vacation gets their stalled romance moving, but it doesn’t take long for that dream to capsize. Ted’s daughter hates her. The ex-wife is adored. Odessa Roget is surly. And the banned father of a groom, John Roget, requests Faith’s assistance in bringing down a jewel theft ring masterminded by his ex-wife.

Having had a man she loved accuse her of a crime, Faith won’t let Odessa travel down the same path and agrees to help. Faith sets her course on uncovering the true criminals—which might be a groom’s best friend. The romantic week turns disastrous as a wedding is interrupted, suspicious deaths point to murders, and Ted’s daughter schemes to reunite her parents. Instead of diamonds being a girl’s best friend, Faith finds they’re cruising toward Davy Jones’ Locker.

About The Author
christinaThe Faith Hunter Scrap This Mystery series brings together Christina Freeburn’s love of mysteries, scrapbooking, and West Virginia. When not writing or reading, she can be found in her scrapbook room or at a crop. Alas, none of the real-life crops have had a sexy male prosecutor or a handsome police officer attending.

Christina served in the JAG Corps of the US Army and also worked as a paralegal, librarian, and church secretary. She lives in West Virginia with her husband, children, a dog, and a rarely seen cat except by those who are afraid or allergic to felines.

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