6th Annual Christmas Spirit Reading Challenge

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It’s that time again! My Day Job annual gala is over and done with (hooray!) and I can once again focus on reading, reading, and reading. Plus, it’s my favorite holiday! Combine the two and you have the Annual Christmas Spirit Reading Challenge.

The reading challenge runs from November 23, 2015 – January 6, 2016 and is hosted by The Christmas Spirit. If you’re interested in reading more and joining the fun, you’ll find more details in this post.

I’m signing up for the Candy Cane level, with hopes of achieving Mistletoe! I’ll update this post as I go, so here’s my reading list:

  1. Cover Shot
  2. Bun for Your Life
  3. Yarned and Dangerous
  4. Sock Monster
  5. The Rise of the Red Queen
  6. The Santa Claws Bandit
  7. Death Crashes the Party
  8. In Time for Christmas
  9. First Frost
  10. A Basket Brigade Christmas
  11. Her Master’s Servant
  12. Pyrex: The Unauthorized Collector’s Guide
  13. Do Unto Animals
  14. Lonely Planet’s Beautiful World
  15. I Work at a Public Library
  16. Check These Out
  17. Level Up
  18. On Thin Icing


I’m also signing up for the Fa La La La Films level, because I can totally rock that one! I’ll list the movies I watch here:

  1. Matchmaker Santa
  2. Once Upon a Holiday
  3. 12 Gifts of Christmas
  4. A Royal Christmas
  5. Christmas Incorporated
  6. I’m Not Ready For Christmas
  7. North Pole: Open for Christmas
  8. A Christmas Detour
  9. Crown for Christmas
  10. Polar Express
  11. The Christmas Note
  12. Ice Sculpture Christmas
  13. Charming Christmas
  14. Angel of Christmas
  15. A Christmas Wedding Date
  16. How Sarah Got Her Wings
  17. Just in Time for Christmas
  18. Last Chance for Christmas
  19. Merry Matrimony
  20. On the Twelfth Day of Christmas
  21. Family for Christmas
  22. A Christmas Melody
  23. Christmas Land
  24. It’s A Wonderful Life
  25. White Christmas
  26. An Affair to Remember
  27. A Prince for Christmas
  28. Let It Snow
  29. Christmas Under Wraps

xmas spirit read-a-thon 2015

Finally, I’m also signing up for The Christmas Spirit Read-a-Thon to kick off the challenge. The read-a-thon runs from November 23-29, 2015 and is hosted by Seasons of Reading.

Update 11/26/15: So far, the only reading I’m doing is Cover Shot by LynDee Walker. Nothing Christmas yet!

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