Meet Your Reader: Wanda Sue Dons

As fun as it is to learn about books and stories and authors, I think it’s equally as fun and interesting to learn about my fellow readers and those wonderful folks who follow Girl with Book Lungs here or on Facebook. So I invite you to take a few moments and Meet Your Reader.Meet Your Reader

Your name: 
Wanda Sue Dons

Where you are: Houston, Texas

Currently reading: Bones on Ice by Kathy Reichs

Your first reading  memory: Bobsy Twins at the Seashore

Some of your favorite authors: Kathy Reichs, Hope Calligan, Tony Dwiggins, Jefferson Bass

Some of your favorite titles: Bones on Ice, Who Killed Mr. Malone, Skeleton Sea, The Body Farm

An author (dead or alive) who you would most like to meet: Jefferson Bass

How do you pick what to read next: If I read a book in a series, I like to read all the books in that series.

Anything else you’d like to share: I love forensic mysteries and books with a senior citizen as a main character. I’m an avid reader, and I beta read for eight different authors.

Thanks, Wanda Sue, it’s great getting to know you!
Want to be featured on Meet Your Reader? Send your answers to the questions above to jenna  [dot] czaplewski [at] gmail [dot] com. 

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