Lease on the Beach by Jennifer L. Hart

Lease on the Beach by Jennifer L Hart

Jackie Parker doesn’t go looking for trouble. It just sort of . . . finds her. In compound measure! Lease on the Beach is the second book in Jennifer L. Hart’s captivating Damaged Goods mystery series. Jackie, her husband, Luke, and her brother-in-law, Logan, run Damaged Goods, a property management company in Miami, Florida. The opening pages finds the trio confronting a scantily clad squatter on the front stoop of his beachfront rental. Trouble is, the property owner says he doesn’t belong there. What follows is a sometimes funny, sometimes frustrating series of events that pull all of the members of Damaged Goods into a whirlpool of personal and professional upheaval.

At the heart of that personal upheaval is the love triangle between the Parker brothers and Jackie. Try as she might, Jackie has never really gotten The Dark Prince, as she calls Logan, out of her system, despite being married to his brother, Luke. (Easy, Jackie: Ditch Luke and get with Logan. #TeamLogan!) Luke knows about their history but the fact that Logan was the one to save Jackie’s life just a few short weeks earlier doesn’t seem to sit well with him. Nor does the fact that Luke seems to be involved with an employee at an animal shelter sit well with Jackie. Tempers fly, emotions are flung about, and sparks of attraction rain down on the pages of Lease on the Beach.

I’m continually impressed by Jennifer L. Hart. She writes with such passion and ability that it’s practically impossible not to get lost in her stories. Her characters are three-dimensional and feel like real people; her tone is easy and the flow keeps you turning pages. There’s mystery, mayhem, sex appeal, and romance throughout Lease on the Beach; in short: it’s a great read. What are you waiting for?!

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