Introducing The Write Stuff!

The Write Stuff I don’t know about you, but, when I come across books that I really enjoy (and the authors who create those books), I always want to know more. I’m often reluctant to leave the world those talented writers have created and I wish I could befriend the characters in real life. Knowing that I can’t stay locked away in a fictional world, I often settle for learning more about the author and his or her inspirations, motivations, and backgrounds.

Enter The Write Stuff. 

This feature gives authors a chance to promote a new or existing book, whether it be part of a series or a single title, and give readers a glimpse into the writer’s life. The Write Stuff is a behind-the-scenes look at the making of a book. It can be anything from the music that fueled your creativity, pictures that you used for inspiration and reference, or even a tour around your writing space!

Interested in sharing The Write Stuff with me and Girl with Book Lungs blog readers? (I hope you are!) Send me an email at jenna [dot] czaplewski [at] gmail [dot] com today!

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