Devil in the Deadline by LynDee Walker

Devil in the Deadline by LynDee WalkerA grisly murder scene has crime reporter Nichelle Clake cringing in her designer shoes as Devil in the Deadline – the fourth Headlines in High Heels mystery – begins. The murder investigation soon leads Nichelle to a shady religious compound in the country. She smells a rat right away (especially when her fabulous footwear is confiscated before a service) and her gut tells her that this church, and its leaders, have something to do with the still-unidentified young victim. She’s so sure, in fact, that she’s willing to be her shoe closet – and her life.

Nichelle gets help in her investigating from both of the men in her life. While she has romantic history with Kyle, it’s Joey who has her heart pumping (mine, too!). Lucky for her (whether she admits it or not) both men want to keep her safe. Unfortunately for Kyle and Joey, Nichelle’s instincts won’t let her back away from the story, even if that means getting used for target practice.

I’m firmly on Team Joey and loved every scene that he graced. LynDee Walker writes some flirty and sexy scenes for Joey and Nichelle, much to my delight! The love triangle is written very well on the whole.

Witches broom stick. Old broom. Halloween accessory object

Reading LynDee’s books is a joy. Her fiction is filled with a little something for every reader. Honestly, the book is near impossible to put down; I propped my eyes open with metaphorical toothpicks and barreled into the action along with Nichelle and loved it. The final chapter came way too soon and I’m positively itching to find out what happens next.

The Headlines in High Heels Mysteries

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  2. Buried Leads
  3. Small Town Spin
  4. Devil in the Deadline

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