Alaskan Alliance by Kathi Daley

Alaskan Alliance by Kathi Daley

I have mixed feelings about Alaskan Alliance. Don’t get me wrong – I enjoyed the story (I always enjoy Kathi Daley’s stories); I just feel a little mixed about the plot line of this twelfth Zoe Donovan mystery.

In Alaskan Alliance, Zak and Zoe head for a small town in Alaska in order to delver Sitka, a search and rescue team dog. Levi and Ellie had intended to come along for the trip, but a car accident left them both pretty banged up and unable to travel. Zoe’s loyalties are divided. She wants to stay and take care of her best friends, but she also knows that the search and rescue team up in Moosehead, Alaska, are depending on her to bring Sitka. Ultimately, Zoe and Zak head north, but Zoe can’t let go of the mystery of who ran Levi and Ellie off the road. Unfortunately for her, she also bumps into another mystery in Alaska after finding the dead body of a guest at the inn where she and Zak are staying.

My minor misgivings are related to the Alaskan prong of the plot. As always, Zoe and Zak team up (this time with some new friends) to try to unmask the murderer. But, this time, their suspects didn’t seem to fit the bill. Zoe’s tenacity is something I admire about the character – even if it does get her into a lot of trouble. She keeps searching and stumbles into a very dangerous situation. But it just seemed sudden to me. I was completely on board with the trail of clues leading toward the suspect that it led to, but everything seemed to speed away from that point on. (Perhaps I need to go back and re-read those climactic chapters!)

One thing I really did like about Alaskan Alliance is the interweaving of plot threads from previous books and the dangling plot threads that promise continued investigation in upcoming books. I always know I’m in for a fun read when it’s a Kathi Daley and Zoe Donovan book and Alaskan Alliance didn’t disappoint. And now it’s your turn! See below for giveaway information and how to enter and then come back and let me know what you thought about the story!

The Zoe Donovan Mystery Series

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  12. Alaskan Alliance

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Enter using this Rafflecopter link to win either a paperback OR a Kindle copy of  Alaskan Alliance by Kathi Daley.

Contest runs December 26 – 29. US winner can select either prize. Non-US winner will receive a Kindle copy.

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