Farm Fresh Murder by Paige Shelton

My DVR is always full. A variety of shows take up space on the virtual tapes — reality and competition shows, a soap opera, serial dramas, and even a comedy or two. But there are also quite a lot of mystery and crime programs, too. When my mom and I watch any kind of competition shows or crime dramas, we have gotten into the habit of making guesses about who will be declared the winner,w ho will be sent home, and who the killer is. For the longest time, I would never guess correctly who-dun-it. Now, I get one right every once in a while. But while reading Farm Fresh Murder, I realized that what’s even better – and much more fun – is unmasking the killer right along with the sleuth; just like I did as I read the first book in the Farmers’ Market Mystery series.

Becca Robins inherited a farm from her grandparents and she couldn’t be happier. For the past several years, she has busily grown berries and pumpkins, made jams and preserves, and worked at Bailey’s Farmers’ Market, which is managed by her twin sister, Allison. Becca is stunned when she finds out that one of the newest vendors at the market has been murdered – even more so when she learns that the main suspect is a good friend. Becca is determined to clear her friend’s name, find out who the real killer is, and defend the reputation of the South Carolina market she loves.

Earlier this year, I read the first book in another of author Paige Shelton’s series. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get into the plots or attached to the characters. Happily, that was not an issue with this story! Becca is smart, independent, and easy to like – as are the other vendors who sell at Bailey’s. The series is modern and engaging – one I’m eager to continue reading and very happy to recommend to other readers.

Plus! Just out today is Merry Market Murder – the fifth book in the series. Just in time for the holidays!

Farm Fresh Murder on Goodreads
About the author: Paige Shelton

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