If Books Could Kill, by Kate Carlisle

If Books Could Kill picks up immediately after the events of Homicide in Hardcover. Book restoration expert Brooklyn Wainwright travels abroad for the Edinburgh Book Fair, still reeling slightly from the events of her mentor, Abraham’s, murder back home in San Francisco. Not to mention feeling confused and conflicted about the intense – yet very new and uncertain – attraction between herself and the handsome Derek Stone.

While in Edinburgh, Brooklyn runs into her ex, Kyle McVee, who entrusts her with an old book that may shed new light on history and the British monarchy. Kyle asks Brooklyn to authenticate the book, but warns her that she may be in danger simply by having the book in her possession, adding that he thinks someone tried to kill him just the other day. Shortly thereafter, Kyle is found dead – murdered with a weapon that belongs to Brooklyn. And just like that, our heroine finds herself deep in a fresh murder mystery.

This series is clever, funny, romantic, and completely addictive. The pairing of Derek and Brooklyn is one of my favorites in the genre. I so enjoy their scenes and banter; honestly, even if the mysteries weren’t as well-written, I’d be drawn to continue the series just on the strength of their pairing. I’m also intrigued by the tall, dark, and mysterious Gabriel, who is constantly turning up at very opportune moments.

Kate Carlisle has recently become one of my favorite authors and I’m eager to continue the Bibliophile series. I enjoy the small details and plot twists that really keep me tuned in and guessing as I try to figure out whodunnit. (Didn’t even come close to unmaking the villain this time!) Such a fun – and highly recommended – series!

The Bibliophile Mystery Series

  1. Homicide in Hardcover
  2. If Books Could Kill
  3. The Lies that Bind
  4. Murder Under Cover
  5. Pages of Sin
  6. One Book in the Grave
  7. Peril in Paperback
  8. A Cookbook Conspiracy

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