Progress Report

Reading progress halted in the late afternoon with the arrival of one of my best friends and my sister. We had pizza and garlic Parmesan breadsticks and I even tried sushi for the first time. (I still contend that it smells a little funky.) We talked and laughed and read . . . a little. Mainly we just had fun in one another’s company and, for the most part, forgot entirely about discussing this month’s book for book club and reading for the read-a-thon.

Plus, my friend L. introduced us to the time suck that is Whale Trail, so that really stole a lot of the Cozy Up and Read-a-Thon thunder.

Regardless, it’s been a lot of fun and I don’t see any reason to stop the reading party. I’m going to carry on until I can’t keep my eyes open and then continue tomorrow. Join in if you have some free time for a book on your Saturday – and leave me a comment with what you’re reading!

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