Homicide in Hardcover, by Kate Carlisle

The other day, I made a note of just how many cozy mystery series I have either started reading or want to read. The answer? 32.

Yeah. On one hand, I feel a little greedy. I mean, this is just one genre we’re talking about here! And, easily, 95% of the series have multiple titles in them! I may be dooming myself.

Now, that said, I really, really enjoyed Homicide in Hardcover by Kate Carlisle. The story is narrated by Brooklyn Wainwright, who is a book preservationist. Her job involves performing surgery – sometimes minor, other times major – on books whose spines have seen better days or whose pages are past their prime. She’s witty, funny, and smart – just my kind of heroine.

As is the case with the majority of characters in cozy mysteries, Brooklyn certainly didn’t set out to solve a murder. But, circumstances being what they are – her close friend and mentor, Abraham, was murdered – she feels the need to help bring the killer to justice. 

The story is set in the San Francisco area, one of my very favorite places that I have visited, so that adds extra charm and appeal to the story; at least in my eyes. And anytime a plot deals with books, I’m in. (I tend to read cozies that center around flowers, books, magic, and food. Go figure.) I was interested in the author’s description of Brooklyn’s work; overall, Kate Carlisle masterfully sets the scene so that you, as a reader, feel as though you’re standing in the room as the action unfolds. You’d think that all writers would be adept at this, but it’s more rare that you might expect. 

One of my favorite elements of the story involves the character of Derek Stone. I loved the antagonistic flirtation between he and Brooklyn and I can’t wait to read more about their relationship in the next books. (Assuming, of course, it continues. I hope it does!) 

On the whole, I found Homicide in Hardcover to be smart, sharp, witty, and amusing. Definitely a four-star read.

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