Flared Stiff, by Julie Anne Lindsey

I have grown to really enjoy visiting Bonnie and her crew in Bliss. As Flared Stiff opens, Bonnie’s family and friends are gathering to celebrate Bonnie’s 40th birthday. Everyone is enjoying the party, but psychic matchmaker Gretchen has a feeling that trouble is right on their doorstep. That trouble arrives soon enough in the form of a disgruntled husband. Poor Gretchen had no idea that her client was married when she told her she had met her soul mater one year earlier. As the angry man in front of Gretchen, Bonnie, and Sherriff Mason Wright informs them, he and his wife have been married for the past five years. Mason monitors the conversation and walked Gretchen home safely. But he returns the very next morning to take Gretchen in for questioning. That angry husband from the night before was stabbed through the heart, and Gretchen was the last to see him alive. Bonnie knows her friend isn’t a killer, and she starts asking questions around town, eager to help Mason catch the true culprit. But while Bonnie is on the case, someone is on her trail.

Like all of the Bonnie and Clyde books, the mystery is smart, fast-paced, and infused with great characters. It’s easy to get swept into the story, but they are always over too soon!

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