The Way We Weren’t, by Phoebe Fox

A surprise pregnancy cemented the bond between high school sweethearts Will and Marcie. Now, 25 years later, it seems like the same event might break them apart for good. Shock and trauma send Marcie speeding past the freeway exit towards her job as a hotel event planner. Instead, she drives to the beach; a small town in Florida’s panhandle where she has never been and where she knows no one. Exhausted, Marcie falls asleep on the sand, only to wake up in the home of a cantankerous older man who is the last person she ever expected may help her regroup and heal. Yet, a tenuous and unlikely friendship grows between the two that will change just about everything for them both.

Phoebe Fox’s latest novel of discovery and rediscovery. A heartfelt glimpse into the life of a driven woman who will do just about anything for family and a reluctant family man driven to isolation by pride. Marcie’s journey is an enduring one, and a story the likes of which we don’t find many of on today’s bookshelves.

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