The Cider Shop Rules, by Julie Anne Lindsey

My favorite cider maker is back with a brand new adventure in Blossom Valley. The Cider Shop Rules takes place in my favorite season: fall. Blossom Valley is filled with visitors to orchards and pumpkin patches, as well as Civil War reenactors, including Sherriff Colton Wise’s brother, Blake. When a body in the bed of her pick-up truck places Winnie squarely in the center of yet another murder investigation, Colton is reluctantly thankful that his brother–a veteran and Sherriff himself–is around to keep an eye on Winnie. Even if it means poking and prying into his love life. As the murder investigation unfolds, Colton and Winnie are both distracted by a fugitive who has the pair in his sights. As every precaution seems to fail, Winnie and Colton are drawn closer together to find a way to safety and catch a pair of elusive killers.

It has been a while since the last book in this series, and I’m happy to have had the opportunity to revisit the small, homey West Virginia town. As always, Julie Anne Linsey crafts a clever, smart, and addictive mystery filled with heart.

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